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Leadership Team


A diverse range of experience and an insatiable intellectual curiosity for future thinking and problem solving make the D4D team the partner our clients deserve as they scale their businesses.

Executive Team

The D4D Executive Team has combined business experiences that cover a broad spectrum of business sizes and models – including multi-national business communications consulting, investment management, software development, operational deployment, sales management and leadership development.

Lisa Matheson

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Lisa

Frank Coy

VP, Business Development

Meet Frank

Blair Colbey

Chief Technology Officer

Meet Blair

Jeremy Adams

Chief Product Officer

Meet Jeremy

  • Success is most likely when organizations create the space for team members with diverse backgrounds to share a reality in which dialogue is safe and respectful. When this happens, creativity is sparked, synergies occur and results improve exponentially.
    LISA MATHESON, CEO & Partner

Senior Leadership Team

Our senior leadership team is a high-performance group of experienced professionals who guide their respective teams to achieve our clients' business objectives.

Adam Fletcher #1

Adam Fletcher

Director, B2B Channel

Ashley Formica #2

Ashley Formica

Director, Enterprise Clients

Sabrina Rauscher #1

Sabrina Rauscher

Director, Content

Kimberly Hill #1

Kimberly Hill

Director, Front End Development

Nitish Movva #1

Nitish Movva

Director, SEM

Pooja Bhandari #1

Pooja Bhandari

Director, Enterprise Clients

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